Peachy is about meeting new people, and doing real things together. Stop messaging people from your couch, get out there and meet people.

Real People

Peachy uses seamless account verification to make sure that the users on Peachy are real people that want to meet you.


Peachy strongly believes that privacy is a fundamental human right. Your data stays with you. Peachy's revenue was specifically designed so that your data (including analytics) will never be sold.

A Great Experience
Starts with a Great App.

Peachy was designed not only to be functional, but to be beautiful to look at. Peachy is an app that you will use every day, so great care has been taken to create an elegant experience.

Peachy App Screenshots


Team Members

Dec 2018

Launch Date


Peachy is located in San Francisco


Lines of code at launch

Is my data safe?

Your data is safe. Peachy doesn't share your data with third parties without your explicit permission. Peachy doesn't sell your data under any circumstances.

How does Peachy make money without ads?

One of the biggest challenges during Peachy's design is how to bring a premium user experience to our users. In-app advertisements was the first thing to go, but with that so did our revenue model. By requiring users to pay for Peachy, not only do we have a very secure revenue model, we can also bring a premium, ad-less experience to our users.

$5.99/mo? That's a lot!

$5.99/mo to get out of the house, meet new people, and have an amazing time seems a lot more reasonable, especially when you compare it to $7.99/mo for Netflix/Hulu, or $9.99/mo for other dating apps.

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