There is such thing as a free lunch.

What is Plate?

Plate is a Mobile app that lets students donate their meal plans to anyone on campus. For every dollar you donate, you get 25 points. With those points you can get discounts at local businesses! How does trying that brand new resturant and getting a discount there, just for being a good person sound?

But I Don't Have a Meal Plan

Great, all you have to do is get free food. We'll be launching more ways to get points soon!

Even though Plate is a location based app, Plate doesn't require your location. After studying how many apps use location, we realize that often, just asking you where you are is much easier than consuing battery, time, and resources to connect to satellites tens of thousands of miles above you. Around 22,300 miles (36,000 km). Also, location services have a difficult time knowing where you are when you're indoors. So we've decided that the only one who knows where you are, is you.

Partnering with Plate

Plate is a growing company and we're open to any and all opportunities! You and your business can partner with us in many ways, with more coming soon! Right partnering with Plate consists of getting targeted marketing to the students of the University of San Francisco. This is an extremely select demographic, which in English means: very valuable! In return, you will offer rewards redeemable by points to users. Tap below to inquire

Waste Reduction Engine

It would be pretty cool if you could just take a picture of an object, and your phone would tell you how to correctly dispose of it, right? Well, now it can, with WRE! WRE is an open source project leveraging Apple's CoreML Vision framework, and a community ran database.

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