At Peachy we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. Your data should only be used to provide services to you.

At Peachy we collect about you whenever you use our services. All companies do that. What sets Peachy apart is the transparency that we aim to achieve with how we use your data. This article is designed to educate your data is used in Peachy's services.

Your Data with Peachy

Peachy takes data privacy very seriously. Since Peachy is a small startup, we use a host of different services to bring the Peachy experience to you. We try to notify you of when your data will not be handled by Peachy's systems, and which data policies your data will be under when using our third party services.

What Data Do We Collect

Peachy requires users to sign up via Facebook Authentication. This allows us to verify that our users are actually real people. Facebook has a strict review process for gathering specific data. We fetch data your Gender, Age Range, and Public Profile from Facebook. Peachy is not responsible for the data Facebook collects on you. We also collect your current location, and any photos that you specifically upload to Peachy. These are collected from your device. We also log your actions on the app, like when you message someone, or make a post. Peachy outsources database services to Firebase which is hosted by Google.

How is the Data Used

All this logging, and collecting may seem daunting, but in most cases the reason we collect this data is so that it can be used by you, and other users. For Example: when you send a message to someone, we collect that data so that the person you are messaging with can view that data. Your data will be used to either provide your experience on Peachy's platforms, or aggregated analytical data. In the future your data may be shared with third parties for the sole purpose of providing features on the Peachy platform. Any potential third party will be thoroughly reviewed, and will never be given your data without your permission.

Sensitive Data

Given a sheet of paper, you could probably make a numerical list of the data that is most private and least private to you. Your precise location is probably at the top of the list, while a public post is at the bottom, after all, you want people to see it. We view your data in this way as well, and apply certain procedures to how we handle your data. Before storing key identifying data (like precise location), the algorithm, and procedure goes through a through review process to make sure that we are taking the proper precautions. An example of this is when you make a post. When you create a post, your location gets attached to it so other people around you can see it. Your device is capable of giving us your exact address, but when you post, the algorithm splits the world up into a grid of 1km wide squares, and scrambles your location inside that grid. Even though your location data is never shared with other users without your permission, your location is safe even in the event of a security breach. We use many of these security measures throughout Peachy to make sure that your data is as safe as possible.


Peachy takes your data, and transparency, very seriously. We hope that our privacy page sets a new standard, and shows you a good glimpse of how Peachy handles user data. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate contacting customer support. Please also keep in mind that Peachy is a small startup, so please be patient while we grow, and adapt the product, and our policies to best fit our services, and our customers.


If you have any questions, you can contact us by tapping the orange floating circle on the bottom right of the webpage.